The postman tripped over Angela's prostrate form and stooped to see if the lovely woman at his feet was hurt, or even alive. Angela stirred, opened her wide lavender blue eyes and murmured, "Where am I?" The relieved mail carrier handed her a letter and went on his way.

The letter was from Angela's cousin, Agatha Prim-Twitchett, telling her of a suite of rooms available at a rooming house just down the street from her in Lavender Lane, a London suburb. Angela was tempted. Many people from the film world lived in Lavender Lane, and she might be able to make some useful contacts, people she couldn't meet while living in Delta's garden house. She sneered distainfully as she remembered that Melisa Love, the film critic, also lived there. Mel was Angela's bitter enemy, having written scathing reviews of both of Angela's last movies. Also, Angela's nosy cousin would be just a few houses down....but, all things considered......

Angela and James Abner Goodfellow were settling down in their sunny new rooms on Lavender Lane, on the second floor overlooking a pleasant garden. Down the street, Agatha Prim-Twitchett leaned out of a 3rd story window, her trusty binoculars swinging on her ample bosom. Agatha liked to know what was going on in lavender Lane. She saw someone enter Angela's house and ring the doorbell....

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